What is Self-Reg and Why is it Important?

Recent advances in developmental neuroscience are dramatically altering attitudes towards the possibility of maximizing the educational potential of every child. Scientists now understand that the better children can self-regulate, the better they can rise to the challenge of mastering ever more complex skills and concepts. But what exactly is self-regulation, how does it develop, why do some children struggle with it, and what can schools do to enhance its development? 

Using the Shanker Self-Reg framework this presentation will provide an introduction to Self-Reg and discuss: 
  • the impact of an excessive stress load on energy, mood and behaviour
  • the limbic system and the brain 
  • the five domains of Self-Reg: biological, emotion, cognitive, social and pro-social
  • the difference between self-regulation and self-control 
  • individual differences in stress reactivity, including differences between stress behaviour and misbehaviour 
  • what you can do to enhance other's self-regulation 

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