I am, first and foremost, a mom to a most amazing 20 year old, who has a developmental disability, graduated in June 2018, and is now stepping into a time in his life when he will explore more deeply his passions and interests and hopefully forge a meaningful path forward. We live in Alberta, Canada and are blessed to have a system that allows us to tap into support through a structure known as "Family Managed Supports". This means that we are able to allow my son to take control of his life by leading the way within a person-centered approach. 

In my work life, I am Inclusive Learning Consultant. I work collaboratively with school-based teams to develop inclusive educational programs for students who require long-term specialized and/or individualized support (educational, regulatory and/or social-emotional). With these students at the center of my work, the larger goal is "inclusive education" (definition below). 
Inclusive education is a process of strengthening the capacity of the education system to overcome barriers limiting the presence, participation and achievement of learners. There is a need to pay particular attention to groups of students who have traditionally been marginalized and excluded in this process. 
I am passionate about Awareness of Privilege, Disability Justice, Inclusive Lives, Equity, Literacy & Communication Rights, Educational Neuroscience, Shanker Self-Reg, and Inclusively Designed Learning. 

I completed my Masters with a focus area of Neuroscience and Inclusive Education through the University of Lethbridge April 2014. 

I became certified as a Shanker Self-Reg Learning Facilitator through the Merhit Center in February 2018. 

I am currently working toward a Doctor of Education in the field of Educational Leadership through Western University. Expecting to officially be a "doctor" in 2021. 

Views expressed on this blog are my own.

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