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Barriers to learning and participation can be created, even by those with the best of intentions. They can be embedded in teaching methods, learning materials, assessment processes, options for expression, and even in the physical and social environments themselves.

To reduce barriers to learning, we must recognize that no single method can reach all learners. Multiple pathways to achieving learning goals are needed. In this session we will examine the barriers to learning that may exist and present a variety of approaches, tools, and strategies for creating more flexible curriculum and environments that will support a wider diversity of learners.

This session is about deign. It is about creating learning environments that are designed to be accessible to a greater range of learners. Designing for diversity enables educators to individualize learning more quickly and easily when necessary. 

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This full day presentation is broken into three sections. The first part of the day consists of lecture and group discussions that build foundational awareness of learner diversity and barriers to learning. The second part of the day has participants breaking out into small groups to explore topics of relevance or interest to them. Participants choose two sessions from a list of approximately ten breakouts (this list is continually growing and changing) and follow a procedure to explore that topic. The day wraps up with groups sharing their learning and plans to implement what they have learned. Below are cover slides for the break-out sessions. Note that all participants will have access to all break out session information upon completion of the workshop. 

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