Inclusive Learning Consultant. Passionate about Awareness of Privilege, Inclusion, Equity, Literacy & Communication Rights, Neurology, Shanker Self-Reg and UDL. 

Completed my Masters with a focus area of Neuroscience and Inclusive Education through the University of Lethbridge April 2014. 

Currently working on Certification to be a Shanker Self-Reg Learning Facilitator through the Merhit Center as well as pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Child and Youth Mental Health through Thomson Rivers University. 

Inclusive education is a process of strengthening the capacity of the education system to overcome barriers limiting the presence, participation and achievement of learners. There is a need a to pay particular attention to groups of students who have traditionally been marginalized and excluded in this process. Those two groups are: 

  • Students with Emotional/Behavioural Difficulties 
  • Students with Developmental Disabilities

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