Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One Word 2019 - Clarity

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"Seeking clarity is seeking connection with the universe.
To connect is to understand; to be clear is to be enlightened."
- Annie Zalezsak -

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I feel like I slept my way into the beginnig of 2018. A car accident in November had left me with whiplash and a pretty significant concussion. My greatest hope as I began the year was that I would be able to return to work and normal life. I was in pain. I was tired. I couldn't focus or concentrate or do any of the things I loved (and even a lot of the things that I just needed to do). I was able to return to work the next week but it would be several months before I had my energy and focus back. 

I didn't pick a word for 2018 but, looking back now, I would say my word was "rebalancing". Being forced to rest and take care of myself eventually calmed my soul (although at first it was difficult). My son graduating and us beginning to figure out what his life looks like beyond school and me starting an Ed.D. program kept the word of "rebalancing" front and center in our lives even if it was never really on the conscious level. 

I found throughout the year I had to be intentional about what I engaged in as in the first months I was restricted by the concusion and pain and then later in the yeare I was restricted by figuring out how to fit these new pieces together. 

In the past this would have caused great stress and it would have felt like things were spinning out of control. Although there are still moments where that might feel like this, I have actually found that with each intentional decision I am finding greater peace... and greater clarity.

I feel like my words find me each year and this one just feels right. We will continue to try to find clarity with my son around what his adult life will look like. I will continue to be challenged by my Ed.D. courses and the need to be concise and clear. My job will continue to be one where I have to figure out priorities and when to engage or step back. In the middle of it all, I will continue to need to keep myself in the picture. 

So I move into 2019 with the intention to keep a focus on clarity front and center...