Saturday, July 21, 2018

Defining Inclusion

"We cannot become what we cannot see."

I've been blogging and talking and doing work about "inclusion" for many years now. The concept seems sometimes to incredibly complex and, at other times, so very simple. This is mostly a reflection of the difference between "theory" and "practice". For me personally it is important from time to time to step back and reconnect to the "theory" in order to ensure that the actions one is taking are leading in the right direction. And so, I pulled a few of the visuals about inclusion that are "out there" to anchor myself.

In the journey toward inclusive education, it is always important from time to time to step back and ensure that what one is aiming for is actually inclusive education.  I think the most powerful statement in this graphic is "intergration does not automatically guarentee the transition from segregation to inclusion." If "content, teaching methodes, approaches, structures and strategies" are not evolving we are not moving toward inclusive education. 

The above images have been shared many times on social media. Shelley Moore has taken the images one step further and added "teaching to diversity". This presents the idea that all students are unique and we need approaches that are responsive to all rather than just to those who "are integrated". On a continuum this really links in to the definition of "inclusion" above as it gets to the level of systemic change.