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Playing to Your Strengths

Just wanted to post this because I am feeling pretty blessed to have a job that connects so closely to who I am :).

Love this: "A strength is an activity that makes you feel strong!"

Great Inclusion Graphic!


Great Website: Open Books Open Doors: Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome


Supports for Overcoming Barriers to Learning - Assissitve Technology

"In order to make the Four-Blocks Framework accessible to children with disabilities, we consider six general areas where children with disabilities often differ insignificant ways from their classmates. These differences are significant because they impact the relative success or difficulty that children experience while participating in literacy activities.  The six areas include communication, cognition, physical abilities, senses (primarily vision and hearing), affect and attention.  As educators, we find that these areas of potential differences are more informative to instructional planning than the label assigned to characterize a student's type of disability (health impairment, learning disability...etc.).
Once we have identified one or more significant difference, our problem-solving efforts focus on identifying or developing adaptations that neither change the fundamental nature of an activity or make it more difficult or less desirable for children to achieve than t…