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Peer Support Strategies

It's amazing that even though we all look at things through different lenses in the end good education is just good education.  I've been exploring peer support strategies quite a bit lately.  From the reading and research that I've done it is evident that if properly implemented and supported, peer support strategies could go a long way in creating inclusive opportunities for my students and in enhancing the learning of other students in the general education classroom.

What amazes me in all of this is how this directly ties in to a bigger picture - that learning collaboratively is not just something to be looked at for my students and the peers that could support them - that if we took the strategy that would make it work for my students and applied them to all students in the classroom it would benefit all of them.

I really enjoyed this video hat speaks to learning in collaboration.  There are some direct comments on learning not happening later in the video.

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There seems to be a common theme emerging in everything that I'm studying and reading about inclusion for students with "significant disabilities" and that is one of focusing on finding ways to increase participation rather than just focusing on "access to curriculum".

I have just finished a group project for my masters program where we looked at SMART inclusion.  The course we are currently taking focuses on UDL, DI and Assessment.  SMART inclusion starts with the concepts of UDL and DI but then uses the Participation Model and Aided Language Stimulation (two SLP concepts) to ensure that all students are able to participate in the class both socially and academically.  Check out the SMART inclusion wiki which was created by the founders of the concept for background: and check out the website we created that synthesizes what we learned while looking up information related to SMART inclusion: http://www…

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Purpose of this Blog?

As time goes on and I learn more, I find that although I become more sure of the base of what I believe in, I also become more unsure of how it all fits in to this world that already has some very established ways of doing things.

I'm working on three different research projects for my Masters right now and wanted to share the evolution of thought that I've had around all three of them to this point...

We are doing a group research project on Smart Inclusion. It started for me as looking at one specific strategy that I felt could be used to facilitate inclusion of my students in general education classrooms.  I thought that it would be an approach that teachers would be excited about and a great place to start (so many still want to find more effective ways to use their Smart boards so this concept speaks to that).  I haven't changed my mind - I still see this - but things have expanded.  I'm now thinking about the concept of integrating mainstream and assistive techn…

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