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Beyond Access Model

Book Information: The Beyond Access Model: Promoting Membership, Participation and Learning for Students with Disabilities in the General Education Classroom  by Cherly M. Jorgensen, Michael McSheehan, and Rae M. Sonnernmeier

We are moving ahead!  My older students are moving to a self contained setting at the high school this fall (as a first step because it's important to just get them to the highschool at this point) and my younger students will be placed in classrooms at the school we are currently at (for as much time as the students can handle).  My job will shift to facilitating programs rather than teaching in a classroom.  I'm both excited and nervous (will write more details soon).  For now I just wanted to post about a great resource that I've found that matches pretty closely with what I was envisioning in regards to supporting/facilitating inclusion.  I have been facilitating inclusion with two of my students already this year.  One of the lessons that I've…