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Wish me luck... My Graduate School Application is Sent :)

This week I was able to send off my application for a Masters of Education Degree with a special study theme focus of Inclusive Education and Neuroscience.  The application deadline is not until November 2010 and the program doesn't start until July 2011. I'm so excited about the topic.  The program will take 3 years and eat up one month of my summer over those three years (as well as doing distance course work during the school years).  It will be crazy but I know that if I don't jump on this now I will regret it.  Wish me luck with the acceptance part of this.

2010-11 news-2-you

So I have decided to continue going with news-2-you for the 2010-11 school year but am looking to use it mostly for Individual Programming and Morning Meeting time.  We will have a "current events" section for morning meeting and will look at the news-2-you materials there.  As well, some of the students will work on the materials during their Individual Programming time. I am not looking to make these materials in to large themes the way I tied to this year but at the same time I did find some value in the materials for some of the students in our room so I don't want to let it go.

I will post any ideas that I have about news-2-you as well as the morning meeting things that we are doing related to the current news-2-you paper throughout next year.

2010-11 Daily Schedule

So things are starting to fall in to place and I'm excited about what next is going to look like.  I have pulled ideas form a variety of sources and have also ordered Unique Learning System transition band as a place to get ideas from for next year.  I will not use the system exactly as is but am already seeing a load of ideas that I can incorporate in to our room :).

Here is an outline so far of where I'm going with the Daily Schedule:

8:20-8:45 - Morning Jobs
This will be completed by my two students who come earlier than the rest of the class.  They will have a checklist of the things that need to get done to get the classroom ready.  I'm drawing some ideas for this from the Unique Learning System Transition Band Core Activities Materials.8:45-9:15 - Morning Meeting Sounds like I'm getting a Smart Board so that will make this so much easier to do as a group :).  I'm very excited.  My plan is to do the regular morning meeting routine as well as to tie in…

Star Reporter, Unique or Going it Alone?

I'm really going back and forth with how to set up my themes for next year.  There is much that would be appealing about going with a packaged program but at the same time I'm struggling with finding a program that I can get excited about the whole package.  There are certain themes that I like in both of them but then there are ones that I either don't like or I know will be too American content heavy to use.  

I am really drawn to the idea of building a classroom newsletter as is done in Star Reporter but also wonder if I really need a packaged program to just go ahead and do that.

So after checking out possible themes from Unique Learning System, Ablenet Star Reporter, Aimee Solutions, and Mayer-Johnson Curriculum Companions I have decided to just try to create my own themes and perhaps buy some materials from Aimee Solutions and Mayer-Johnson as a starting point for building my themes.

Right now I'm looking at the following monthly themes:
September 2010…

Monday's Motivation: The Top Shelf

I recently found this great awareness blog entitled Square 8 that really makes one think about acceptance and awareness.  This post is the one that best spoke to my heart and told me that this is a person I can learn much from: For Parents.

This week I want to share one of the many videos that Bev has made and posted on her blog and on you-tube. If you have time I highly recommend reading through the rest of her blog as there is so much great stuff there!

Thinking About 2010-11 School Year

Wow!  It has been a crazy last few weeks and I just haven't gotten to blogging lately.  I miss it and am hoping to find more time to do it as we move through these last weeks of the school year.

For today, I wanted to just throw out a couple of things that I'm looking at for next year...

Ablenet Star Reporter

I'm looking at doing something other than news-2-you in regards to what our study themes will be for next year.  I have looked at Weekly Reader Ablenet Edition as well as the Unique Learning System as well as going back to just creating my own yearly or monthly theme as I have done in the past.  Weekly Reader seems to be very similar to news-2-you and I'm looking for something different.  I also didn't want to go back to just creating my own themes becuase it is nice to have something to start from even if many many modifications must be made to get it to the point of being ready for our classroom…

Wow! Check Out This Blog!

Just came across this great blog and wanted to share.  I'm going to need to spend a lot of time writing down and implementing all the great ideas that have been posted here.  I'm thinking I have my summer project ;).

Check it out: Adaptions for Kidz