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Monday's Motivation: Procrastination

We had teachers convention last week and our closing keynote was a man by the name of Cory Johnson and he spoke about turning disabilities into possibilities. Cory knows this topic well because he has Cerebral Palsy and he also had a stroke when he was 11 years old. He spoke of things that are "disabling" to all of us and how we need to work to overcome them. He talked of disabilities that we all have including worrying, gossiping, procrastination, controlling/manipulating, being angry, lying, not participating, breaking agreements...etc.  It made me really think about how procrastination is one of my biggest personal disabilities and that I need to focus on overcoming it.  And so my commitment coming out of this convention is to work on that. 
Here is a little funny though that Cory showed during his presentation.

news-2-you: Alice in Wonderland

We are coming off a week off so I'm moving on to the "Alice in Wonderland" newspaper this week.  Here are the extra group activities that I have planned for this week:
Crazy Hat Making Competition
We are going to spend one afternoon this week making "crazy hats".  Staff and students will make decisions as to what the theme of their hat is going to be and then gather materials and make their hats.  I'm heading to the dollar store in the hopes of finding some cheap hats that can be decorated for the event.  I'm thinking we are going to set up a display and polling station for others to vote on which is the "craziest hat" and then some of my students who have a more academic math program can do some counting and graphing activities from there. My plan right now is to start this Tuesday afternoon and complete it Thursday afternoon to give a bit of time for gathering materials in between :).  I have an extremely competitive staff so I…

news-2-you: Canada's Olympics (February 8, 2010)

Once again I'm changing the format of how I'm doing the news-2-you paper.  We are using the news-2-you paper and worksheets during programming time.  What each student does with the paper and worksheets has been personalized to their IPP goals.  For the most part, mornings in our classroom are spent working on on individual programming and afternoons are a little lighter with fun, group, hands-on types of activities.  Tuesday through Friday we do theme-based activities and I'm going to be using the newspapers to create these activities.  Here is an outline of what we will be doing this coming up week related to the newspaper on the Canadian Olympics.  We are focusing on the concepts of winter, Canadian pride and the actual sports in the game.
Olympic Paper Quilt Craft I got this idea off of the official Olympic website.  They have a section on education and in that section there are a whole bunch of projects that various schools have done.  One school created …

Adding Another Recipe

We have been re-using a lot of our other recipes the last couple of weeks.  Next week is also a week where we repeat some of the recipes and then we have a week off so it will be a couple of weeks before I post anymore new recipes other than this one that we tried this past week.  Here it is to add to the collection. Mini Corn Dogs and Baked Fries

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

I was able to get a great idea for adapted writing utensils from the blog Special Classroom this week. I'm going to be trying this one out. Thank you for sharing!

Monday's Motivation: Playing for Change

I am a big believer in the interdependence of people.  I believe that true happiness comes when we find that we part of a bigger picture and celebrate the fact that we are both "givers" and "takers" in that picture.  We are meant to help others but no one is strong enough to not need some type of help back.  Every individual has something to give and every individual has something we need.  When we find in ourselves what we have to give we should give it with our whole hearts.  When we find in ourselves the things we need, we should not see these things as weaknesses but rather as ways to build connections with others because surely there will be someone out there who can give what you are looking for.
I stumbled upon this project called "Playing for Change" just recently and wanted to share it here.  Note that the first video is an explanation of the project and the second is the first video that they made.  There are many more installments of the project…