Friday, August 8, 2014

Supporting Students with Significant Communication and Literacy Needs Learning Series

During the 2014-15 school year I will be co-presenting a case-study learning series on supporting students with significant communication and literacy need. This will be a new experience for me and I'm looking forward to working with other educators who are looking to tweak and share their student's literacy and communication programs. It will be a unique learning experience as I will be presenting at the same time as I'm doing case studies with several of the students that I work with. 

The focus of the learning series is designing learning opportunities to ensure that every student has opportunities to speak, listen, read, write, view and represent in their academic and social lives. The emphasis will be on comprehensive instruction that aligns with the general education English Language Arts Program of Studies.

A "case study" approach will be used, with each participant considering one student with whom enhanced literacy instruction and supports will be addressed.

This series focuses on:
  • Providing the Context and Framework: Presumption of Competence, Centrality of Literacy and Communication, Comprehensive Literacy Instruction, Literacy Beyond ELA Class, Emergent Literacy vs. Readiness Skills 
  • The Communication Literacy Connection: AAC, Communication Inventories, Aided Language Stimulation, Symbol-based Supports, Voice Output, Core Vocabulary
  • Tools, Tips and Techniques for Instruction: Comprehension - Guided Reading, Vocabulary Development, Connecting, Developmentally Appropriate Reading, Language for Anchoring and Applying, Program of Studies as Comprehension Context
  • Tools, Tips and Techniques for Instruction: Expression - Word Work, Writing 
  • Understanding Assessment Strategies: Assessment as a Process, Dynamic Assessment, Portfolio Assessment, Benchmarking

The workshop series is through the Calgary Regional Consortium. For more information, check out this link: Supporting Students with Significant Communication and Literacy Needs Learning Series

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