Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Defining Perfection

"Before you were born, I only worried about
how your disability reflected on me and
now there is no better mirror in the world.
You're my light and dark and
it's a privledge to be your dad."
The Planned Lifetime Adavocacy Network (PLAN) of Canada believes that there are five key elements to a "good life".  One of these elements is "contribution".  They talk about the need for all people to work, volunteer, create, inspire and contribute.  They also speak of two key ways that people contribute: (1) the contribution of doing and (2) the contribution of being. 

The contribution of being can be powerful as it brings out the best in others...
Again and again, we can find stories like the one in this video where the inspiration and heart to do something is grown out of relationship with other.  Dick and Rick Hoyt are just one of the many examples of this. Dick was once quote as saying that in the team Rick (son) is the motivator or the inspirer... the heart and soul and Dick (father) is the physical body body of the team. He talks about being able to go faster because of Rick.  Dick has said that he would not have raced without Rick.  We see this is so many sports stories where athletes do better because of the inspiration of another person. 

It speaks to our connectedness... to the fact that what we are together is stronger and better than the just the sum of our parts. It also speaks to engaging creative and innovative thinking in regards to thinking beyond barriers. How can we transcend the boundaries of what society percieves as disability and ensure that we are all able to experience things like the thrill of finishing a race? 
To me, it also speaks to the lessons that we should be teaching in schools.

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