Friday, May 31, 2013

Indicators of Inclusive Schools: Continuing the Conversation 2013

The Inclusive Education Branch of Alberta Education has released a new document titled Indicators of Inclusive Schools: Continuing the Conversation 2013.

An explanation of the indicators section of the document reads as follows:
Indicators of Inclusive Schools is organized around five dimensions
1. Establishing Inclusive Values and Principles
2. Building Inclusive Learning Environments
3. Providing Supports for Success
4. Organizing Learning and Instruction
5. Engaging with Parents and Community 

Each of the dimensions is supported by sample indicators that provide descriptions, based on current research and promising practices, of what each particular dimension might look like. A number of indicators contain links to further information, examples and resources.

Although the resource has not been specifically developed as a metric or rubric to measure changes in inclusion over time, the conversations facilitated by the resource can help schools choose a focus to measure improvements over time.
It looks like a great document to serve the purpose of continuing the conversation that will move us towards a more inclusive education system. 

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