Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Drip by Drip

Reading Seth Godin's blog the last couple of days and a couple of things jumped out at me...
Reflecting on these two statements, I was reminded of the "Dare to Disagree" Ted Talk by Margaret Heffernan.

When I take inventory I'm reminded of the last lines of this Ted Talk... "Openness isn't the end.  It's the beginning."  I've been researching and gaining understanding around a lot of things over these past couple of years and in the past (when we were a self-contained entity), I could have just implemented and been done with it.  I'm now in a situation where dialogue is important.  We are aiming to achieve things that are probably more "observable" than "measurable".  The process we are engaging in as a slow one and results are not always immediately tangible.  Dialogue is important.  The hardest part or a change process is that it often involves having to develop a whole new set of skills. 

I do have 365 days to write a new book and hopefully that book will help me to not only better articulate my beliefs but also to have the dialogues that allow for change and integration of those beliefs in to a system that is a lot bigger and more complex then our self contained world ever was. 

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