Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creating Resource Lists by Using Pinterest

I have been on pinterest for some time but have really not been motivated to use it.  This past week, my son ended up in the hospital with a terrible intestinal bug and I ended up with a lot of time on my hands while he slept, rehydrated and got back to being the healthy, happy little boy that he is.  So - I explored pinterest on my iPad a lot and came up with an idea.

What I'm looking to do is create "Boards" that link to each of the grade level units that the students on my caseload will be a part of in inclusive classes.  The ideas can be used either with the whole class if the teacher chooses or they can be used as a modification so that my students can actively engage in the curriculum objectives.  I'm including mostly hands on, non-writing activities as these are the ones that the students on my caseload need (and I believe there are many others who also need these types of activities but we don't always have time as teachers to find them and set them and link them to the learning that should be happening).

So I have begun and just wanted to share what I'm up to these days :).  I plan to also transfer these ideas in to unit binders over time so that we also have them in "hard copy" so that those who prefer that medium can also access it.  It's going to be an ongoing project but what I had been thinking to do even before this pinterest part of this is to create grade level unit binders that list possible adaptations and modifications that can be used as a type of resource to draw ideas from.  It would obviously be a dynamic document that gets added to as we move forward.  I'm thinking they may end up actually being binders in bins as the bins will include the adapted materials that we make as we go along.

Just looking to build a resource database and this is first step.  I have added a link to my pinterest page on the sidebar :).

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