Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inclusion Through "Mommy Eyes"

Just sharing some pictures of my son who has Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder and is included in a grade 6 classroom.  This is the first year in several years that he has been included as he spent the four years before that in a self-contained classroom.  He was integrated for a fair number of non-core courses when he was in a self-contained classroom and the students in the general education classrooms that he was in were always kind and accepting of him but we never real saw interactions beyond the surface level being nice to a child with a disability.  He has come a long way in regards to social interactions and independence this year as a result of being constantly exposed to and interacting with peers in the general education setting.  I'm including some pictures of him with his classmates on the camping trip they went on this past week.  The first set of pictures have Mikey (my son) chasing a squirrel around camp.  He quickly engaged other boys in assisting him with finding the elusive squirrel and eventually they all headed up the hill in chase of him.  The second set of pictures is at the beach the next day.  I also included some pictures of him at the end of the day all worn out.  I was not there with him (as what grade 6 boy wants his mom at camp with him) and am thankful to his teacher and classroom learning assistants for opening up this opportunity to him.  Enjoy the pictures.

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