Sunday, May 27, 2012

Change... Again...

The days where all of my students and the learning assistants that work with them are under the same roof are now numbered.  Things are beginning to wind down for the year and we are in full swing in regards to thinking about and planning for next year.  The k-12 students that have served within the walls of the elementary school that our program is housed in will be going to age-appropriate schools this fall.  That means my eight students will be in three different schools come September.  Three of them will remain where they are, two will go to Junior High school and the remaining three are off to High School.  I will continue to coordinate the programs in a bit different capacity then what I have been doing - although it will not be that much of a change as my job has been changing a lot during this school year already.

The elementary students under my umbrella joined elementary classrooms either last year or this and I know provide mostly indirect services to them.  These students will either remain in general education classroom at the school they are at or move to Junior High and continue in the general education classroom there.  I will continue to oversee and support them in the same way that I have this year.  My high school students are a bit different.  They will go to the High School and their programs will consist of a combination of being included in option style classes and having some of their program delivered in a more self-contained setting. 

It will be a challenge to coordinate things at three different locations but I am excited for the opportunities that it will open up for my students.

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