Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

We don't officially go back to work until next week but I am going to be attending a PODD workshop and student consultation for the next three days and then Monday is a staff day and kids are back on Tuesday so basically I'm back to work starting tomorrow.

Very excited to be starting this year... looking forward to some great things including:
  1. PODD Workshop and Implementation - I explained PODD in an earlier post.
  2. Elementary Students will be Included - I'm going to be co-teaching for stretches of time in three classrooms as well as helping to coordinate their programs in those classes.
  3. High School Students will be at the High School (some of the time) - Still some work to do around getting this up and going but we will make it happen.
  4. Working on my Masters... looking to do research related to UDL, AT and Smart Inclusion for my fall course... will see what the spring brings.
  5. School Based Pilot Projects - as our province is in the middle of some changes, our school is involved in three pilot projects: Literacy for All, the new IEPT (Inclusive Education Planning Tool) that is meant to replace the IPP and a Collaborative Support project.  Should be some great learning opportunities.
Things are looking great and I'm ready to jump in with two feet.  I'm hoping to be more consistent with blogging this year as there will be a lot to reflect on.

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