Sunday, July 3, 2011

Neuroscience and Inclusive Education Masters Program: Day Zero

Mikey (my 12 year old son) and I checked in the University of Lethbridge residence yesterday afternoon. We will be here for three weeks, in which time I will complete the first two courses of my Masters program.  Over the next three years we will return here for two more summer stretches and I will be taking courses online during the school years.

I actually never imagined taking my Masters degree but a lot of things seemed to align at once and I saw an opportunity to "be the change I wanted to see in the world" and I applied for this new program at the University of Lethbridge and then was fortunate enough to get in.  The timing  of the program could not be better as it is coming at the same time as our province and our school division are making some big changes around how "special education" is approached/delivered.  In the beginning steps of this process I feel I have found my passion and purpose.  Which makes being here today a big event for me! 

I feel the need to record it - to remember this moment.  This time university is so different.  This time I'm here to learn.  Last time I was here to get a degree that would lead me getting the job that I wanted.  This time I want to take in every moment.  Last time I wanted it to go as quickly as possible so I could get to what I wanted.  This time I understand that it's all about learning.  Last time I was sure it was all about teaching.

There have also been many changes in 20 years and it will be interesting to me to see how those changes have impaced how university works.  I'm back at the same university I got my undergraduate degree at so I'm already seeing all the expansion as far as buildings and just the sheer size.  I had to go out today and drive around this area of town as back 20 years ago it was just a few blocks of houses with very little by way of retail anything.  In that time it's exploded and seems equivalent in size to the other side of the city (it is divided by a coulee).  It's beautiful here.  I am taking many walks down memory lane as I see things that were such a major part of my life for those 4.5 years that I spent here the first time.  So much has changed... so much has stayed the same.

Today is day zero - the day before it all starts.  I'm hoping to use this blog as a place to reflect on what I am learning (and hopefully applying) as I go through this process. 

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