Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Thoughts After the First Two Courses

"Day Zero" is seeming like a really long time ago!  A lot has happened in these past few weeks.  I completed the first two courses in my Masters program that is focusing on Neuroscience and Inclusive Education and can now clearly see the link between the two.  I'm excited about what the next 3 years will bring as there is much to be learned and tried.

This summer's courses were mostly background information that should give us some good grounding for our other courses.  Our Neurology class was mostly learning about the brain and how it works but we did get in to some "neuro-myths" that have gotten inflated as they made their way in to the educational field.  It was interesting to look at things from both a developmental psychology/education standpoint (our second class) and a neurology standpoint.

This fall we get in to the nuts and bolts as we start looking at classroom practices that support inclusion - in particular UDL (Universal Design for Learning), DI (Differentiated Instruction) and how assessment is used in the classroom.  They are areas that I'm familiar with but I'm looking forward to learning more through reading, collaboration, critical analysis, and action research.  I'm looking at doing an action research project related to allowing for a wide range of learners in a general education classroom (as my students will be included in these classes this fall).

I'm still processing but wanted to take this first step in starting to write down what I'm thinking.  I feel like there is so much all mixed up and it's hard to start to sort it out (so my blog might reflect my messy mind for the next little while).

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