Saturday, February 5, 2011

The SCERTS Model

This is a workshop that I recently attended...

The SCERTS Model is a comprehensive educational approach for children with Austism Spectrum Disorder.  The focus of the model is to address the core challenges that children on the spectrum will experience (social communication, emotional regulation and transactional supports).  The model is driven by ensuring that a team is in place and the needs of the individual and the family are being supported.  Behaviours are seen as a result of lagging skills and the way to deal with behaviours is by ensuring the proper supports and learning opportunties are in place.  If behaviours continue you look to see what additional supports may be needed or what additional skills need to be taught.  This model is almost a formalization of what I have been focusing on in my classroom for years now and I was very affirmed while attending this workhop.  I know this is horrible but my biggest take away from this workshop is related to how hard it is to sit and listen to someone speak for three full days.  The whole workshop was sit and get and really made me think about how ineffective we are in schools.  Many workshops that I've attended lately have allowed time for collaboration but this one didn't.  I would have loved to have had time built right in to the workshop to talk with others about what we were learning as I think it would have expanded what we were bringing away.  Made the note to myself in case I end up back in a "regular classroom" next year.

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