Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yesterday's Reform Symposium Experience #rscon11

Trying to blog about all that I learned at the the Reform Symposium yesterday might be too large a task or it might just be something that takes more time as there is much to process and talk through before it can all fit for me.  What I am learning above all else as I've tried to move from "just blogging" as I've been doing for several years now to truly becoming involved and connected in the learning experiences that are open to my online is that I need to be paying attention.  Learning has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  I'm excited at what this could mean for students.  So I will share one small bit of learning from yesterday now...

At the end of one of the sessions the host thanked the audience for being "such a great audience" as she had gotten a lot of great ideas from the chat that was going on at the side.  When you go to a conference in person being in the audience means sitting quietly and taking in the information independently (although lately we have been taking our mobile devises and looking things up and sending message while in them it still was not as rich in conversation as what I experienced yesterday).  It was great to be taking in information collectively.  I learned as much from the chat between audience members as from the presenter yesterday (and in some cases more).  This is not an insult to the presenters... I think its actually a huge compliment because it was their topics, presentation and passion that ignited the conversations that were taking place on the side.

Thank you to all who organized, presented and participated. 

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