Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday's Weekly Comments: December 29, 2010 - January 4, 2011

A Middle School That Works on the blog SpEd Change: Brought me back to my days when I taught in the "Beyond the Walls" program.  It seems so long ago now and I look back on it and realize that the whole program was based on gutt instincts in regards to what works in education. I was pretty niave and we did some great things with this program but I sure wish that I could do it again knowing what I know now.  I will need to make a point to create a post outlining what we did back than (it was 15 years ago already).

I Believe in You on the blog About a Teacher: Amazing post! This to me is the base that inclusion is built on.  It is about the message that we as teachers send to students when we act as if we believe in them and will not ever give up on them reaching their potential. When I talk of inclusion being beneficial for all students this is what I mean as it forces us all to teach in a way that our students will confident and comfortable enough to take the risk required to learn.

Dear Arnold on the blog Blogging through the Fourth Dimension: Another great post about seeing the good in the student rather and helping him/her along the path to self acceptance. There is no rocket science when it comes to behaviour really. I really believe its about relationship.

Thinking Outside the Box on the blog Learning is Growing: Really enjoyed the positive approach to "problems" here because there is always an opportunity when we come up to a struggle.  I think that the only time we truly learn is when we are faced with a struggle (or something uncomfortable).  I particularly liked the approach to student learning challenges. Imagine how much quicker educational reform would happen if everyone saw these challenges as an opportunity to find a new approach rather than continuing to try an approach that doesn't work.

Happy New Year on the blog Teacher Space: Great blog with lots of resources and I can't wait to follow it into 2011 :).

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