Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday's Weekly Comments: December 1-7, 2010

Eligibility Categories vs Educational Needs on KPS 4 Parents:  This year I have taken two of my students who would have traditionally been in my room and placed them in regular classrooms for core academic times.  I hope to do this with more of my students.  I have been really struggling with how students get placed in specialized classrooms and if these truly are the best placements for them this year.  Reading posts like this one help me to better define where my struggles are.

What I Learned from Swimming Class on The Spicy Learning Blog:  I always have felt blessed that I was able to teach swimming lessons before I taught in a classroom as I feel it helped to shape what I believe about education today.

Personal Learning Network and Personal Learning on Spencer's Scratchpad:  What a great post.  So many parts of it that I connected with!  I have always felt that I learn as much (well actually more) from my personal learning time as I do during our PLC time.

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