Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Think: Planning Tools/Templates and Universal Design for Learning

Just wanted to share a couple of planning tools/templates that I feel would help to insure that lessons are being planned from a universal design standpoint.  I do not pretend to know everything about these tools but they do look exciting in regards to considering all students in the planning process.
  • Authentic Learning Wheels: I stumbled across this while looking for something else.  I checked out the Power Point included and it seems like a great planning tool.  I really know very little about it but have seen quite a few different planning tools that haven't caught my eye the way this one did. 
  • John Antonetti's Engagement Cube: I attended a day long workshop about student engagement by John Antonetti where he explained the use of the Engagement Cube.  He spoke to using one concept/approach from each of the three faces of the cube when designing lessons. 
It may not ensure UDL but they look like a step in the right direction to me.  This is the start of a list that I'm hoping to add to as I learn more :).

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