Thursday, December 30, 2010

My List of 10 for 2010: 10 Workshops and/or Speakers

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend serveral different workshops and speakers in 2010.  Here is my rundown from most to least impact for me...
  1. Dr. Stephen Shore: Spoke to the issue of self-advocacy which is something I was just so excited to be listening to.  Got some great information and was able to find some great resources as a result of this workshop.
  2. John Antonetti: This was a day long presentation on "student engagement".  What I left with was the connection and cross over between "student engagement" and "universal design for learning". 
  3. PECs Level 1 Training: I have been using PECs for several years with both my son and some of my students but had always done it with an SLP overseeing it.  Getting the training myself really gave me a clearer understanding of approach and long term goals.  Completely worth the two days that I was out of town to get to the training :).
  4. Temple Grandin: I was able to attend a workshop where Temple Grandin was one of the speakers.  I had read her book and watched some of her stuff online so her message was not really overly new.  All the same it was wonderful to see her in person.  The best part of her talk was perhaps when she took charge of the people who were running the lights and told them what she needed so that she could concentrate on the job at hand.  It really brought home that whole need to self-advocate.
  5. RJ Cooper Workshop: This spring I was able to attend a workshop put on by RJ Cooper.  It was great to see him working hands on with students to come up with solutions tailored to a specific student.  It was a really neat approach.
  6. Five Point Scale Overview: I attended a 2 hour session that outlined the 5 Point Scale. It was great and springboarded using it with a few of the students in our school.  We have never used it exactly as it is outlined because we do find we to set it up based on student needs.  It was great to get the exposure to it in this short introduction.
  7. Cory Johnson: Cory was the keynote speaker at our Teacher's convention back in February.  He was a very motivational speaker and challenged people to realize that there were things that all people do that were bigger disabilities than a diagnosis.
  8. Good Sense Training: A short training talking about sensory regulation, sensory diet and sensory tools.  Nothing overly new to me but a great reminder.  Loved that they talked about finding a common language around sensory challenges so that students could start to take control of their own sensory regulation.  This is a local training put on by a private OT company in my town.
  9. iPad/iPod and Communication (ACETS Calgary): This was a one hour overview of some of the communication apps for the iPod.  It was a great start but I'm pretty confident that learning about this is going to need to hands on.
  10. Doreen Granpeesheh: Unfortunately I did not get to see this whole presentation and pending road conditions put me in a situation where I had to leave early.  I wish I could have stayed longer as the morning piece was an overview of things I had already heard. 

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