Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm toying with returning to Blogger for my professional bog.  I posted here for about a year back in the 2004/05 time frame.  Love it.  Loved that it was free but at the time there was no way to label/tag your posts and I really wanted that.

Since those days my blog(s) have been a lot of different things.  At first it was a place to share my journey parenting a child with special needs.  A couple years in to my son's school experience I moved from teaching high school math to teaching special education and found that I had much to learn (and eventually realized that I also have much to share) and so started blogging about education.  At that point it was mostly just sharing what I was doing in my classroom. 

Then the drive to blog kind of faded out.  I still want to blog about what we do in our room but over the past couple of years I've returned to the reason I went in to special education in the first place and that is because I thought I would be better positioned to affect some change towards more truly inclusive schooling. 

And this is where I'm at now.  It is an re-ignited passion of mine.  I'm hoping to start my Masters degree in July 2011 with a focus area of inclusive education.  Our province is currently trying to move towards more inclusive education.  All the cards are alligned and I'm in a position where I have to step up to the plate.  That is what my blog is to me now and also the reason why it makes sense to start fresh right now.

Please note though that I do intend to pull all my old posts over here as I think those posts are part of the journey that got me here :).

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