Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Storing Homemade Materials Idea

A question someone asked me in response to one of my posts made me think to write a quick post about this.  I make a lot of my own materials with Boardmaker - things like matching cards and sorting activities.  I wanted a way to store them that allows me to label what they are so that we can get them quickly.
What I did in the end was going to Staples and buy some "mailer boxes" in different sizes so that I can store the items.  Since then I have found them for a significantly lower price online.  I'm including the link but realize its a Canadian Supplier.  I'm sure there is something similar in the states.  I'm also putting a couple of pictures of how I use these types of boxes in this post.

Hope this is useful to someone :).

The place I have found to order these boxes is called Uline.  This is a link to the page that has the box sizes and the prices.

Examples of how I use the boxes:


 Here are some boxes that I used to make "Alphabet Boxes".


Here is an example of a box that I use to store an activity with hands on items.


 Here is an example of a box used to store a card activity. Inside the box are a bunch of different sets of cards related to the concept on the outisde of the box.  I put the sets in envelopes (or half envelopes) with answers or content writen on the outside. 

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