Friday, August 6, 2010

Primary Phonics Workbook Interactive Activities

Primaryphonicsbook1 This year I have a couple of students who are ready for phonetic reading.  For the most part we have worked with students on sight word reading.  We do some letter and sound recognition stuff but haven't gone very far in to phonics.  Things are changing so I had to dig up some extra ideas to approach phonics but they had to be ways that allowed for some physical challenges in regards to writing.  So I stumbled across a post where someone was using this set of books as a starting point to create activities for their son.  I was so excited and I ordered the first book in the series to see if I could make it work for what I was trying to do.  And it does.
Here is what I have done so far with this book as a guide:
Primary Phonics Book 1 Tracking Form: I wanted to create a tracking form that could be used generically for all sections of the book.  I generally go with a mastery approach to academics.  When a student achieves a specified standard and can demonstrate that standard three times in a row they are ready to move on to the next step.  I'm planning to use the same approach with this.  So this is the tracking form that will be used for all activities related to this book.

Primary Phonics Book 1 Page 1 (Recognizing and Reading Color Words):

This isn't really part of the phonics itself but the students I'm thinking of are well on the way to having these words memorized so I thought I would put it in here as it will be them closer to independently reading the task cards in other lessons.  Note that for this activity I have included my explanation of how this topic works.  I will be puttting each of these in a folders and then in a box and staff will just pull the file folder they are working on and the explanation will be in there (laminated) along with all materials needed.

Primary Phonics Book 1 Page 2/3 (CVC Words that End In "an" and "at"):  Here is the task set for page 2 and 3 of the workbook.  This one will be a long set as I have broken it down in to 4 steps that th student needs to complete before moving on.  Not all of the pages will take as long as these two. 

Note that I have done some more pages but have not done the staff explanation part of it. I'm loading the pages now but will come back at some point and put up the pages with the staff explanations and the rest of the book as well and then move this up as I update it.
Primary Phonics Book 1 Page 68 through 80 - Coming Soon! 

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