Sunday, August 8, 2010

Loving Unique's Transition Band!

Uls Back in June I decided to purchase Unique's Transition Band for this year with the hopes of perhaps learning how to ensure my older students are getting the program that they need to transition out of our classroom.  I was hoping to find a few things that would be helpful and figured I would call it good if I did.

It has been so much more than what I expected.  The program has "CORE TASKS" that you do all the time that is basically a lay out of how to set up your day.  The great thing about it is that setting up the day this way (with a few modifications) can work for all the different ages in my class (which is saying a lot given my span this fall will be grade 1 through beyond 12 as I have one student is staying an extra year beyond graduation).
Each month you get a set of "Instructional Tasks" in a few different categories.  They include "Lifetime Skills" (Communication, Money Management, Social Skills...etc.), "Job Club" and "Daily Living Club".  In the Job Club section there are lessons are building transition portfolios - something that I've been trying to get going forever but never really do a great job of it.  Now I have a place to start!  The Daily Living Club has articles and stories to read with questions in the same format as the rest of the Unique Bands but the stories are more related to older students in the community.

I am just so amazingly impressed with this resource that I had to share!  Well worth the money even after just one month :).

Check it out here:

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