Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday's Weekly Comments: Week of July 7-13, 2010

iPad for Communication post at Adaptations 4 Kidz: I just recently bought an iPad and want to spend some time playing with it this summer. I am enjoying finding these "success stories" that are starting toc ome out.  I'm also looking forward to seeing what new special education applications will surface as more people start to use the iPad with special education students. I am actually starting to compile a list of hte applicatins that I would like to try (or am already trying) that I will post in the next few days.

Learning to Read the Junior Way post at Adaptations 4 Kidz: Love the ideas presented on this blog and this is one that I immediately linked to one of my students. I have been looking for ways to grow his language arts program and this is a great approach. We had this phonics book already so I'm well on the way to adapting some of the materials. I know this particular student that I'm thinking of will shine with this approach and its so nice to not have to start completely from scratch doing it this way.

Visual Supports for Students With Autism post at Teacher Space: It wasn't so much this particular post that I was responding to here. I found this blog last week and have spent a lot of time digging back through the archived posts as there is loads and loads of great information. I responded here because it was the top post and I wanted to say thanks for sharing the information. At the same time I do like the idea of the checked finished box :).

iPad + Proloquo2Go, 1 Month Later post at Caleigh's Corner: Wow!  Check out this little one use Proloquo2Go.  I have added this blog to the list of blogs I want to follow as I think its going to be wonderful  to watch Caleigh's journey on so many fronts.

Easy Book Adaptations post at Teaching All Students:  I'm always looking for ways to expose the students in our room to literature.  I was looking back through the archives and found this blog post with a great link to an idea to easily adapt books to make them more interactive for our students. Love the idea and am thinking to set up a work day with my learning assistants and parents to make some interactive books and book bags.

Unique Learning Transition Level Curriculum post at Exceptional Students in the Classroom: Great to find another person who is finding some of the organizational stuff in this curriculum to be useful across the board.

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