Friday, July 16, 2010

P.O.D.D. Communication System on Proloquo2Go?

Reading this P.O.D.D. material really has me rethinking how passive a role my students have been playing in the communication process.  It always seems to be us setting up the communication exchanges rather than the student truly directing them.  As I've been making these P.O.D.D. communication books I'm seeing that we are missing so many communication opportunities and I'm excited to see the doors this will open for our students this coming up school year.

There is a comment in the manual about how we often try to start using communication devises by teaching students to use them around the tasks that they are already able to communicate (appropriately or not) around and that this leaves little room for student motivation.  This is so true.  I've found again and again as I've tried to use communication devises that we are already aware of a lot of what is coming becuase the student has their own system they have already put in place.

I bought Proloquo2Go some time ago (shortly after it was released) thinking it would be such a great tool for my son (who says approximations of single words and occasionally strings a couple of words together).  I've found he has little motivation for the program and I've always just figured that although his spoken language is delayed that he has found ways to clearly get his messages across and that may have to be enough.
Still, it haunts me as a mother because there is such a difference between his receptive and expressive language even when you factor in all his other expressive tools (sign language, gestures, some spoken words, PECs, basic communication devises, choice boards...etc.).

The end point of this post is perhaps a beginning point to motivating my son to use this devise.  What I'm looking to do now is to completely revamp the way the devise is set up and have it mimic one of the P.O.D.D. books.  I started playing aorund with setting it up today (on the iPad now instead of the iPod as I do also think that my son's fine motor challenges may have played in to his lack of motivation with the program) and found that it is doable but it will take some time.  I'm figuring its worth a try and am going to spend time working on putting it together to see how it works this way :).

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