Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Latest Idea: Messy Monday!

The second Monday of every month is going to be "Messy Monday" in our classroom this year.  I have often done messy activities with the students and everyone has a great time doing it.  We all get to the end of the activity and are giggling and laughing and stating that we should do it more often.  Yet I only get around to it 3 or 4 times a year. I want to do it more and so this I figure I will just set the plan in motion to make sure it happens. So I'm creating "Messy Mondays".  Each month I will come up with some messy activities that we can complete during the aftenroon that are related to our monthly theme.  The focus will be the process rather than the product (but really it almost always is anyway). 

I'm going to post my original ideas here.They are not finished yet but wanted to get this started in case there are any readers out there that have ideas or suggestions to add. Here is what I have so far..

September 2010: Individuality: Painting With Body Parts
Station #1: Foot Painting
Station #2: Finger Painting
Station #3: Using Your Head
October 2010: What Should I Wear?: Representations of the Seasons
Station #1: Leaves (Fall)
Station #2: Crushed Ice (Winter)
Station #3: Dirt, Water and Gardening Tools (Spring)
Station #4: Water and Small Pool Toys (Summer)
November 2010: Food and Nutrition: The Four Food Groups
Station #1: Cooked Spagetti Sensory Bin (Bread and Cereal Food Group)
Station #2: Mashed Bananas Sensory Bin (Frutis and Vegetables Food Group)
Station #3: Eggs and Egg Shells Sensory Bin (Meat and Meat Products Food Group)
Station #4: Pudding Painting (Dairy Products Food Group)
December 2010: Christ is Born: Theme Not Established Yet - Some Thoughts...
Sparkle and Bling - to go with the idea of stars in the night.
Straw to represent the stable that Jesus was born in.
Bows and Ribbons and Shredded Wrapping Paper
January 2011: Music Mania: Music/Noise Explorations
A variety of instruments and toys that the students can explore.  Include things that just make noises rather than music.
February 2011: Super Science: Mixtures and Experiements
Station #1: Goop
Station #2: Exploding Bottles (baking soda and vinegar mixing)
Station #3:
March 2011: Mexico: Paper Mache Pinatas
No stations this month as students will be working in groups to make pinatas out of Paper Mache.  These pinatas will be painted, filled with candy and used later in the month when we do some celebrating!
April 2011: Looking Good: Grooming Materials
Station #1: Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Station #2: Hair Products (gel, mouse, spray bottle)
Station #3: Shaving Cream
May 2011: Where Can I Buy It?: Theme Not Established Yet!

June 2011: Camping Out: The Great Outdoors
Water and Sand Bins (for both feet and hand explorations) to simulate the Beach

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