Sunday, July 18, 2010

Individual Programming Binders: Still Organizing

Lots of table making going on around here! I continue to work on streamlining these individual programming binders. My problem is to ensure that I'm including enough information but not too much information.  I know I have written about these several times before but please bear with me as I try to piece it all together and make this as efficient and effective as I can.  So here, once again, are some notes on each section of my programming binders.

I.P.P. Goals Section
This is just a summary of the student's I.P.P.  Rather than putting in the whole I.P.P. I'm looking to put in the section that staff would refer to the most often which is the goals and objectives.  I have set up most of the activities to incorporate the rest of the I.P.P. so although its important for staff to read over the rest of the I.P.P. I don't feel its important for it to take up space in these binders.

Students have between 4 and 8 "areas of need" that include an overall goal and then a break down of objetives related to that goal. For each of these areas of need, I have the following:
  • Record the area of need and the goal.
  • A simple table with two columns: the first column is the objective right off the I.P.P. and the second is a list of the names of the activities used to address that objective.
Programming Activities Section
This section gives a more detailed outline of the activities that are completed during Individual Programming time as well as some information on how to focus on programming activities in routines and as functional skills during the day.

What I do in this section is list one activity on each page.  These are things like "Edmark Reading Program" or "Vocabulary Development" or "Functional Hand Skills" of "Two Switch Training" and are all tied back to I.P.P. goals.  For each page, I have a 3 column table with the first column being the largest. 
    • In column 1, I describe the activity.  Note that there could be several different activities.  For example, if a student is working on Edmark reading, thee is the tradition reading program, the Boardmaker Wipe Off Activities that I've made, Flash Cards and typing activities that I have set up using RJ Cooper's "Spell a Word" software.  The explanation here is mostly short reminders of things that I would go through when working with staff on how to implement programs.
    • Column 2 is for frequency and it basically says how often each activity should be done.  Generally I have one activity that needs to be done daily that is used to track progress and then a list of other activities that are done less frequently.  For example, when working on Phonics the student may work through a modified phonics workbook regularly but then also do supplementary fun activities (Bingo games, alphabet boxes where you take items that start with two different letters put them in sensory bins, dig them out and then group by starting letter, file folder activities... etc.) less regularly and formally.
    • The final column is labelled "tracking" and describes procedures for recording including what, how and how often.
Tracking Forms
This is just a place to put all the tracking forms.  I'm really trying to streamline this section so that we are maintaining a balance between tracking enough but not too much.  I'm not going to put a whole lot more down right now as I will come back to this in the future once I have done some more revamping.
Worksheets and Activities
These are just the things that I put in from week to week that students are working on.  I also throw in things that I find that I know would work for the student.  If it something that I want done immediately I put a sticky note (sticking out) on the sheet so that staff know to check that specific sheet.  I put the sections of news-2-you that I want specific students to complete each week in here as well.

Note that I have students who work on worksheets from specific programs regularly.  I do not put these in the binder.  I keep binders on the shelf with these items and expect staff to get them and photocopy.  Generally the students will go along to help with photocopying.
Other Information
I haven't used this section very much but I generally put things like therapy notes and suggestions in here.  I am working on summary sheets of some of the different techniques/programs that we use with specific students that I plan to put in this section as well.  Some of the sheets I'm working on include Scripts and Script Fading, PECs Program, PODD Communication Books, Pivotal Response Teaching, Discrete Trail Teaching, Functional Routines Instruction, Edmark Reading Program, Environmental Print Program...etc. Basically as I get a new "program" I will make up a summary sheet and then the appropatie sheets will end up in the appropriate binders.

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