Friday, July 23, 2010

Changing Plans Part 2: Individual Programming Binders and Tracking Forms

I'm still in the middle of this one but as I'm getting in to actually putting this all in to place I'm finding that the method that I've used to organize binders for the past four years might not be the most efficient method.  I'm now in the process of changing plans so that my binders are organized by "focus area" instead.

What this will entail is that any given section of the binder will include the IEP goals and objectives related to the focus area, an outline of the activities to do for achieving these goals and objectives and all the tracking forms.  In the front of the binder will be a weekly checklist of the things that need to be accomplished in a given week.  These will be checked off when completed.  Here is an outline of what I'm thinking: Weekly Activity Tracking

More coming on this as well.  I'm feeling like I'm heading in the right direction now.

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