Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Summer of Learning and Planning

Summer holidays have begun!  I have a lot of work related things to get done this summer.  I know that I should spend the summer relaxing but plan on putting a lot of time in this summer so that my year can go better.  My plan for the summer is dedicate one week to developing each of my student's programs - putting together their binders and materials.  This way we can start full out on day one which I think is going to be important given that I am going to be working with four new learning assistants this fall (and five are coming back).

My plan is to try to blog every day about something that I'm planning, learning or a new program or book that I'm reviewing (or perhaps and old one that I haven't actually done much with but now it is important).  I'm hoping to bring my blog to life again as its been a slow stretch at the end of this past year. 

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