Saturday, February 6, 2010

news-2-you: Canada's Olympics (February 8, 2010)

N2y Once again I'm changing the format of how I'm doing the news-2-you paper.  We are using the news-2-you paper and worksheets during programming time.  What each student does with the paper and worksheets has been personalized to their IPP goals.  For the most part, mornings in our classroom are spent working on on individual programming and afternoons are a little lighter with fun, group, hands-on types of activities.  Tuesday through Friday we do theme-based activities and I'm going to be using the newspapers to create these activities.  Here is an outline of what we will be doing this coming up week related to the newspaper on the Canadian Olympics.  We are focusing on the concepts of winter, Canadian pride and the actual sports in the game.

Olympicpaperquilt Olympic Paper Quilt Craft
I got this idea off of the official Olympic website.  They have a section on education and in that section there are a whole bunch of projects that various schools have done.  One school created an Olympic torch paper craft (see image on the right).  We currently have three teams of three students in our class and each team will work together to create their own paper quilt similar to the one displayed here.  The quilt will need to include the 15 Olympic sports, mascots, Olympic symbol and some display of "winter".  We will see how creative people can get :).  Pictures can be done as collages or outlines depending on what student/staff teams decide.  Colors will also be chosen by each team.  We will display our Olympic Quilts on our hallway bulletin board for the duration of the Olympics.
Olympic Ring Cookies
We are making sugar cookies in the shape of rings.  We will then ice them in the Olympic ring colors (Black, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) and arrange them on a piece of cardboard covered with white paper in the format of the Olympic ring flag.  Final projects will be sent home to share with families.
Canada Day Bingo, Dominoes and/or Matching Game
I have used the free game card generator on the DLTK website ( to make the Canada Day Bingo game, Domino game and Matching game.  We will spend some time playing these games as a group this week.  Note that there are lots of great topics to make games on at this site.
Snow Toffee and Snow Painting
Very simple recipe to make.  Here is a link:
Once done making snow toffee we will do "snow painting" with brushes and/or squeeze bottles.  To do this all we do is put the snow on a tray or cookie sheet and then use water mixed with food coloring for our paint.  Then it is just creating and playing with the snow.

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