Saturday, February 20, 2010

news-2-you: Alice in Wonderland

We are coming off a week off so I'm moving on to the "Alice in Wonderland" newspaper this week.  Here are the extra group activities that I have planned for this week:

Crazy Hat Making Competition
We are going to spend one afternoon this week making "crazy hats".  Staff and students will make decisions as to what the theme of their hat is going to be and then gather materials and make their hats.  I'm heading to the dollar store in the hopes of finding some cheap hats that can be decorated for the event.  I'm thinking we are going to set up a display and polling station for others to vote on which is the "craziest hat" and then some of my students who have a more academic math program can do some counting and graphing activities from there.
My plan right now is to start this Tuesday afternoon and complete it Thursday afternoon to give a bit of time for gathering materials in between :).  I have an extremely competitive staff so I'm going with a suggestion that I read on someone else's blog in regards to the hat not being in the competition unless the students do the work for it.
Cookies (Heart, Diamond, Spades and Clubs)
We always love to make cookies in our classroom.  This week we will be making cookies in the shapes of the suits of cards - Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs.  We will then ice them with red and black icing and send them home for families to enjoy :).  This is our Wednesday afternoon activity.
Card Games
While we are waiting for our cookies to bake, we will be playing some simple card games with the students.
Alice in Wonderland Movie Afternoon
Friday afternoon is going to be a movie afternoon in our class.  We will make snacks and rent the movie and enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon.  Its always a much deserved break for everyone in our classroom.

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