Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday's Motivation: Playing for Change

I am a big believer in the interdependence of people.  I believe that true happiness comes when we find that we part of a bigger picture and celebrate the fact that we are both "givers" and "takers" in that picture.  We are meant to help others but no one is strong enough to not need some type of help back.  Every individual has something to give and every individual has something we need.  When we find in ourselves what we have to give we should give it with our whole hearts.  When we find in ourselves the things we need, we should not see these things as weaknesses but rather as ways to build connections with others because surely there will be someone out there who can give what you are looking for.

I stumbled upon this project called "Playing for Change" just recently and wanted to share it here.  Note that the first video is an explanation of the project and the second is the first video that they made.  There are many more installments of the project that can be found at

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