Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

Found a great adaptation to one of my upcoming news-2-you recipes posted on the Special Classroom Blog.  Not only did I have to leave a comment, but I also had to include it in my plans for this week.  Check it out here: Climb for Water Recipe (news-2-you)
I always love the stuff that Kate shares on Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs and this week was no different.  I've filed her post "Learning About Hot and Cold" for future reference.  I particularly liked how she split the class into teams when working on a collage type of activity. I know everyone (staff and students) in my classroom will love that when I use the idea :).

Had to join in the celebration related to "Special Needs Classroom" posted on the blog The Special Educator's Friend.  Can't wait to read more about the changes that will be made to the classroom.

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