Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Think: Visual Recipes

I have been researching visual recipes lately.  I was originally going to create a post with links to a variety of visual recipes but then found that Kate had already done this so will start this post by referencing her list of links and then continue on with some of the thoughts that I've been having in regards to visual recipes. 
As I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm working on a lunch program for one of my students.  Eventually, I would like to expand this and have a few of the other students working on this as well.   Right now though I've been playing around with what would be the best lay-out for the visual recipes that I want this particular student to use.

Looking through a variety of recipes, I've found that some of them do not have all the information that I feel this student needs to complete the cooking tasks as independently as possible.  Therefore, I have decided that the recipes will be broken in to three sections: 
Ingredients Section: This will be a single page and the ingredients will mostly be "real life" pictures at this point.  There will also be an envelope with the same ingredients on small picture cards that will be used for making grocery lists.

Materials Needed: This will include all of the materials that the student must gather before he can begin making the meal.  This will be done with Boardmaker symbols.

Directions: I have decided to make this like a mini-booklet with one direction per page.
I have gotten started by making a few recipes.  I will continue to add to this collection so check back often.  Note that these recipes are ones that follow a GFCF diet.  Once I get a couple of other students doing this same program I will be adding recipes that follow a more typical diet.

What I'm doing is making these recipes in to books.  I print them off on card stock, cut them in to half pages, laminate the pages and then use a book binder to bind them in to books.

Next Thursday for my "Thursday Think", I will be adding more recipes and also outlining how we are doing meal planning and making our grocery lists using the visuals that are included in these recipes.

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