Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Think: More on Visual Recipes

The lunch program is going well.  I'm working on adding in some other components including weekly meal planning and making grocery lists.  I am thinking that we will do this visually at first and then see where it goes from there.  I have set up the recipe books to aid with this.  Here are the ideas that I currently have related to weekly planning and grocery shopping as well as some more recipe books that I have put together.  Note that right now all of the recipes and the visuals on the front covers of the book come from the website titled GFCF Recipes.

Weekly Planning
On Thursday, we will be doing menu planning for the following week. The student will go through the recipe books and pick what he would like to have for lunch each day for the following week. Each recipe book has a visual on the food on the front of the book. I have made a bunch of extra visuals on regular paper.  I have added two pages with enveloes to the back of each book.  The first of these pages has an evelope with the front cover visual in them.  The student will take one copy of the visual and paste it in to his agenda on the day that he is planning to make and eat it.  I am just using a regular agenda bought at Staples that allows for one day per page.
Grocery List
Each recipe book has a second page in the back with an evelope that includes the same PEC symbols of ingredients that are in the recipe book. These PECs are cut into individual pictures and laminated and velcroed. Once the student chooses to have a certain thing the following week, he takes the PECs and puts them on to an "Items Needed" board (Grocery Items Needed file). The next step is to go through his cupboard and area in fridge and freezer and seperate the items into two categories: "Already Have" or "Need to Buy at Store" (Already Have/Need to Buy at Store file).  The "Need to Buy at Store" becomes the grocery list.
In the long run we will start seperating the grocery list by area of the store.  This will allow us to work with a basic map of the store as well as food categories (fruits/vegetables, meats, canned goods...etc.).
Grocery Shopping
When grocery shopping, the visual grocery list will be used and as the student gets each item, he will remove it from his visual grocery list.  Student will also be looking for price tags, dollar signs...etc. while in store as this applies to some of his other goals. 
Some More Recipes
Ham Fried Rice (modified from the first time I posted it)
Upcoming Recipes (I will most likely post these next week)
Pizza and Raw Veggies
Pancakes and Bacon
Chicken Nuggets and Fries
Taco Soup
Barbequed Baked Beans and Hot Dogs
French Toast and Ham

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