Sunday, January 10, 2010

news-2-you: Climb for Water (January 4, 2010)

N2yTime to plan another week of news-2-you activities.  We continue to be a week behind the actual date of the newspaper which works for me in regards to having some planning time.  The big part of our project this coming week will be do to a bake sale so that we can contribute to the "climb for water" fundraiser that the newspaper is about.  We are also going to get messy and make ourselves some volcanoes out of paper mache.  Here is an outline of planned activities for this week... 

Language Arts (Vocabularly, Literacy, Composotion, Communication...etc.)
Dirty and Clean Vocabulary Development - Sorting and Making Collages
Dirty/Clean Adjective Book posted on
Science/Sensory Explorations
Water Sensory Bin
Paper Mache Volcano (and blow them up)
Social Skills/Life Skills
Bake Sale to Rais Money for "Climb for Clean Water" Project
Baking for Bake Sale
Adapt Mountain Mix to include communication goals (as outlined on Special Classroom Blog)
Fine Arts (music, drama, arts and crafts...etc.)
Posters for Bake Sale
Community Integration
Grocery Shopping for Items for Bake Sale

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