Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eye Gaze to Pictures: Trying Something New!

We do a lot of work with eye gaze to pictures with several of the students in our classroom.  Recently, we have recieved a couple of great pieces of equipment (on loan from the vision resources in our division) that we are seeing great results with in regards to student focus.

Lightbox The first piece of equipment we got is a light box.  We have used these with several of the students over the year to work on visual focus but we are currently putting PECs on it when doing eye gaze actitivities.  We are seeting much more visual focus with one student in particular.  Woo hoo!

Cctv The second piece of equipment we have is a CCTV.  You can place objects, pictures, books...etc. on it and then magify things between 2 and 70 times the size.  On top of doing eye gaze activities with PECs we are doing things like trying to find things in books and then focusing in on the right area and then eye gazing to what we are looking for when we zoom in. 

Both of these things have been great additions to our classroom.  The great news is that in the past we had to send these things back each year and then reorder them the following year but it seems now this may no longer be the case and we might be able to keep them for some time :).

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