Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

I had to comment to Kate's Video Blog of the Day post on her blog (Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs).  I love this idea and it has really made me think about making morning gathering time more age-appropriate for my older students.  I am refocusing their time to work strictly on teen culture types of things (music, videos, movies...etc.) and communication skills (with adaptive technology obviously added in there).  I will continue to work with some of the students on the tradition morning gathering things (calendar, weather, communication books...etc.) but I'm really seeing the need for something different for several of my students.  This post gave me the boost I need so stay tuned for a post about the changes I'm making to morning meeting :).

I recently found this great blog entitled The Autism Teacher.  As I was digging through it, I found a post titled My classroom's physical set up.  What a classroom!  Some great ideas for materials and organization that I'm still processing but had to post a thank-you about all the food for thought that this teacher gave me.  Wow!

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