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news-2-you: Wizzard of Oz Part 2 (October 13-16, 2009)

N2yLife has been crazy in our room the past three weeks.  One of those weeks was "spirit week" and we got all caught up in the competitions to the point that it was taking up much of our programming time.  The students really had a lot of fun so I do not regret the time we used for these activities.  This past week was the week leading up to Canadian Thanksgiving and I found that we spent a lot of time doing things related to that.  In the end, our three weeks for "Wizzard of Oz" seemed to get eaten up and other than the actual news-2-you stuff we have done very few of the extras.  I have therefore decided to spend the next 4 weeks doing the extras.  We will culminate with a "Wizzard of Oz" dress up day which happens to fall on the day that we will celebrate Halloween in our classroom/school. 

So my plan now is to post my outline of what we will be doing for the four weeks here.  Note that many of these things are things that I've already posted about on some level but I've just put it all in order and added files that I'm planning to use.  Note that I have only fully completed the outline for this week and plan to post more details for future weeks as the weeks approach :).

Tuesday, October 13
Sensory Story Part 1 (during Morning Meeting):  Please note, that I got the power point and idea for this activity off of "Pete's Stuff".  I am following most of the story exactly as is but will make a few changes as follows:
  • The entire poem will be recorded on a step-by-step switch and a student will activate each part of the story.
  • Instead of doing "farm smell" we will do farm noises.
  • Voices for Mrs. Gulch and the Fortune Teller will be done on switches and students will be dressed up in the roll and activate the switch at the appropriate time.  The Fortune Teller will have a second switch that is hooked up to the "crystal ball".
  • Instead of fanning students, we will have fans hooked up to switches and the students will be put in the middle of the fans (while other students activate the switches).
  • A learning assistant will be responsible for the pop-bottle tornado at the appropriate time.
Adaptive Physical Education Class: We will be playing the following games in our APE class today:
  • Warm Up Circles: Students follow a leader in the gym starting in a small circle and going larger and larger and then going back down to a small circle.  After that we will move as many parts of our bodies in circles as we can (arms, legs, head, fingers, toes...etc.) as a warm up.
  • Musical Hoola-hoops with music from the Wizzard of Oz: Students go around the hoops until the music stops and then it stops they need to get inside a hoop.  The person pushing a wheelchair counts as getting "inside".  Hoops are spread out all over the gym to allow for safety.
  • Rainbow Ball Hunt: Take balls from our ball bath and spread them all over the gym.  Students are go go around and collect as many as they can in a set amount of time.  If a student is in wheelchair and a staff member is helping to collect they must have a hand on the wheelchair at all times.  For those who can pick up they are to do it themselves.  Each color of ball will have a specific point value and points will be talleyed once the time is up.
  • Tornado Relay Races: Going completely around pylons set up down the length of the gym both on the way up and the way back.
Rainbow Sensory: One of our sensory bins is filled with rice died in the 6 colors of the rainbow, one of our hanging toys is done up with ribbons in the six colors of the rainbow and I have also hung ribbons in the six colors of the rainbow over our door (thanks to an idea posted on the blog SMD Teacher).

Rainbow Collages: Students will be given a piece of poster paper that has a rainbow drawn in it.  Each student will color, paint or bingo dab the six colors of the rainbow on to their rainbows.  They will then cut out and attach pictures of items in each color.  Over the rainbow the student will attach clouds with cotton balls and pictures of things they like (dreaming of great things over the rainbow).  Note that students will probably not finish this whole craft and will spend some time on October 14 finishing it up.
Wednesday, October 14
Dorothy and Toto Dolls ( I am expanding the pattern and then we are going to hook the sewing machine and scissors up to a switch so that students can be part of making these. I do not expect that each student will make the whole set but would like for each student to have the set when we are done the unit so will enlist the help of classroom volunteers to get them all done.  Students themselves will begin on one doll and continue to work on that one each time we do dolls.  They will finish as many as they can in the time given. 
Thursday, October 15
Tornado Craft: Students take a large black piece of paper and cut it in a spiral.  The spiral will eventually be hung from the ceiling with the largest circle at the top and the smallest at the bottom so that it looks like a tornado that is about to touch down.  Each student will also be given the following "Wizzard of Oz Tornado Items" document and then cut out the items.  These will be taped into the tornado so that they are spinning around in their final project.  I was originally thinking to have them cut out pictures from magazines but when I looked through magazines there were not really that many "farm items" in them and I wanted to keep it connected to the story.

Tornado in a Bottle Science Exploration: Although we have already done something similar during the sensory story, I thought it would be a good idea to repeat this exploration when the students could spend a bit more time exploring.  Link:
Friday, October 16
Sensory Story Part 2 (during Morning Meeting):  Please note, that I got the power point and idea for this activity off of "Pete's Stuff".  I am following most of the story exactly as is but will make a few changes as follows:
  • For the shiney, ruby slippers, I will have a sample of the slippers that we will be making next week.
Adaptive Physical Education Class: We will be playing the following games in our APE class today:
  • Yellow Brick Road Relay Race: We will roll out a "yellow brick road" by using yellow paper and then do relay racees up and down the yellow brick road running forwards and backwards.
  • "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My" Game: This one is also from SMD Teacher.
  • Freeze Tag: Students need to freeze when tagged like a the scarecrow would be frozen sitting up on a stick.  To become unfrozen, someone has to come along and tap them on their back (to take them down from the stick).
Bubble Painting: Because Glinda the good witch comes along in a bubble, I thought we could so the ever-popular playing with bubbles and add in some 'bubble painting.  Link:

Good Witch/Bad Witch Spinner Game: Game board set up like yellow brick road (from Dorothy's house through to the Emerald City) - move forward the set number of steps when you land on a "good witch" and backwardds when you land on a "bad witch".  File coming soon!

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