Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Motivation: This Is The Truth

would tend to say that my life is pretty perfect these days.  I have a great job, a wonderful son, amazingly supportive family and friends and things are just going in the right direction.  I turned 40 back in February of this year and as a result have spent some time taking stock of my life.  I have looked back to some of my darkest times in my early years of teaching.  Times when things didn't make sense and I was enveloped in depression.  In those times there, my friend's two children (who both happened to have Down syndrome) kept me going from day to day.  Surely the way that they approached life could teach me something.  Who would have known then the long-term impact they would have on my life as it is a direct result of them that I adopted my son and then later took the leap into teaching special education.

I saw this video this week on you-tube and it really made hit home with me as my life has turned around completely since those days.  I know I meant for this to be a professional blog but I can't let our Canadian Thanksgiving slip by without pausing in thanks for every day of my life - even those rough ones as they led me to where I am today.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving :).

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