Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Comments

This week on the blog "The Special Educator's Friend", I responded to a post expressing on opinion on what level of training someone is special educatoin should have.  Given that I have no formal training in special education, I thought I might speak out on this on.  Check it out here: Georgia's Special Education Teacher Preparedness

I stumbled upon a new blogger this week as well.  I had to make a post to welcome her and let her know how excited I was to have another person to share ideas with in her opening post titled "Week One" on her brand new blog "Exceptional Students in the Classroom".

Kisses are for Home":  Kate from Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs posted a great Boardmaker File to help students come up with alternate ways to express affection due to H1N1 and age appropriateness issues.  Love it!

The math teacher in me is so excited to find this blog:  Math Beyond Numberdome.  Love the challenge that this teacher has taken on as she journeys through trying to teach a small group of grade 7-8 students mathematics.  I had to respond to her very honest post entitled "Broken Promises".

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