Saturday, September 19, 2009

Snapshot Saturday: Morning Meeting With Pictures of Displays and Materials

I know that I have already posted about our morning meetings but I have been making modifications/additions/deletions...etc. as we go along and thought I would come back and retouch on it as well as include some pictures of how its set up as well as the visuals and materials that we are using.

I originally started trying to put everything on one bulletin board but saw very quickly that the board would be way too cluttered for many of our students to process what was going on.  In the end I decided to use the bulletin board for our Morning Meeting Schedule (a vertical schedule that we work through and put each item in a finished folder when done),  our Daily Schedule (second vertical schedule) and for our prayer and prayer intentions (the first part of our morning meeting).  I've been working on moving everything else to display boards that we pull out as we do each step.  I've labeled these display boards on the outside with the same symbol as is in the timeline and have a student who can do the matching and pull out the next board that we need.

So here is the updated version of our morning meeting.  Pictures should be added by mid-week as I need to be at the school to get most of these pictures.  I wanted to put it up as it will better motivate me to actually get the pictures. 

Board 1: Morning Prayer:  When the students come in, the morning meeting and daily schedule are already up on the board and we only use them for reference as we go along.  We use the main part of the board which has the morning prayer and prayer intentions on it.  I have one student lead the morning prayer using a communication devise if needed.  Students then take turns adding their intentions if they aave any.  Parents have been asked to put intentions on their step-by-step switches and we check before hand to see if there are any.  We are starting to record some for our students on single message switches too just so all students get the opportunity to participate.  We have a prayer intention bulletin board and parents have been told they can also send pictures.  We are also trying to find time during programming to make visual representations of some of their intentions that will be displayed on the prayer board.

Pictures of Main Bulletin Board Coming Soon!

Board 2: Attendance, Sign In and Evening Reporting:  Students find their name from the side of the board and then place themselve "in school" in the center.  Students who are not there are moved to the "at home" side of the board.  Then the student who is responsible for attendance does attendance with the visual attandence sheet.  He/she must point to or look at each student and then mark off the name.  That student is later responsible for delivering the attendance sheet to the office.  As the student marks off each student, he/she says good morning to them (using switch if needed) and then that student tells us about his/her evening by talking, using step-by-step, using PECs...etc.  If the student has nothing on devise or in book, I just ask questions and we have a small conversation.

Pictures of Attendance Board and Attendance Slip Coming Soon!

Board 3: Calendar:  Right now I'm just using a pocket chart for this but am starting to think that I need to move it over to a display chart using Boardmaker symbols or make modifications to the pocket chart to include Boardmaker symbols as it will make it easier for some of my students who do calendar activities as part of their individual programming.  I am going to try to make the modifications tonight and see how it works this week and if its not working then I will go to using a fold out the following week.  We go through the month, date, season, what today is, what tomorrow will be, and what yesterday was.  We also talk about special days that may be coming up on the calendar.

Pictures of Calendar Pocket Chart (with Boardmaker Modifications) Coming Soon!

Board 4: Weather:  This one is also on a display chart.  We are looking at what the weather is (sunny, rainy, cloudy...etc.), what the temperature is (cold, cool, just right, warm, hot) and what type of clothing we should wear that day.  I'm still working on my "feel the weather" part of this and students are responding very nicely to this.  Right now I'm using a visual for what we should wear and we look at what we should wear on different parts of the body.  I'm still thinking that I might add in the actual items so students can make choices with real items.  For example we can look at what we should wear on our heads and the choices would be touque, baseball cap, rain hat...etc.  Have not started this with real items yet but am thinking on it.

Pictures of Weather Board (with weather, temperature and clothing visuals) and "Feel the Weather" materials coming soon!

Board 5: news-2-you Activities:  To this point I'm not using a display board for this but would really like to get in the habit of using a display board.  It would take some prep/planning but I think it could be done to change it up with each theme.  I would probably put more than one day's worth of activities on it (or have them in a large enevelop or something).  Still working on this and am thinking we are going to see yet another post about morning meeting somewhere down the line.  The activities that I'm doing are really ranging in time but that is okay as we have nothing overly pressing right behind morning meeting and I will get more efficient as time goes on.  I'm posting what I'm doing with my regular news-2-you posts for this section.

Pictures of news-2-you Morning Meeting Activities for Wizzard of Oz coming soon!

Board 6: Classroom Jobs:  We will only be looking at this one every 3 weeks as I will assign new jobs when we rotate staff and then students will keep those jobs for the duration.  This one will stay up in the room for students and staff to refer to throughout the three week stretch.

Picture of Classroom Job Board Coming Soon!

Back to Board 1: Daily Schedule:  The schedule is already up at this point.  We just go through it quickly and then spend a bit more time on things if there are some changes to our regular routine.

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